How to Clean a Bagless Vacuum

Ed note: The following is a guest post from our good friend Jamie Chan, who does product reviews over at Top 5 Vacuums. Enjoy!

Without a bag in your vacuum cleaner, you’re probably wondering how the best way to go about getting it clean. Of course, with a plain old bagged vacuum, all you have to do is remove the bag from the canister, and empty the debris into a garbage can. But with a bagless unit, it gets a little trickier.

1. Take the entire vacuum, and bring it outside. Yep, it’s about to get a little messy. There’s no point MAKING a mess with your vacuum — it’s supposed to be doing the opposite. So please, don’t clean it inside your home; take it outside, you’ll be glad you listened.

2. Clean the dirt container. There’s probably some dirty liquid milling around in the container, if your unit has a wet/dry function. Make sure to pull that container out, and wash it real good with some warm water, getting out all of the dirty liquid.

3. Replace the filter. If it’s gotten to the point where dirt residue has built up in your vacuum, then it’s probably time for a new filter. Most people don’t actively clean or replace their filters, they simply do it when they’re no longer working. So since you’re already in the process of cleaning your entire vacuum, you might as well do the same for your filter.

And that’s pretty much it — 1, 2, 3. I own a couple of bagless vacuums myself, and this is the process I go through every time, and it’s never given me any issues.

Let me know how it works out for you in the comments!

— JC


Electrolux Ergorpido Plus Review

The Electrolux Ergorpido Plus is a lightweight (5.5 pounds), cordless vacuum with the ability be dismantled and used depending on what needs cleaning and where it might need cleaning. This vacuum provides an easy detachable feature which allows you to make the vacuum a hand held device to reach in between those small gaps, high corners or awkwardly shaped grooves whilst maintaining great suction! The actual vacuum when mantled is only 5 x 10.8 x 42.5 inches making it easy to move and even easier to store.


The biggest pro of all is the fact that the vacuum is cordless. The fact that you can thoroughly clean your home without any cords getting in the way is fantastic. This feature allows cleaning to be easier, quicker and less hassle. Vacuuming the stairs is a good example because generally stairs require you to unplug and re-plug the vacuum the further you ascend but with the Electrolux vacuum – that extra task is taken away.


The hand held vacuum seemed a little too bulky making tighter spaces difficult to vacuum due to the width and shape of it. It really depends on where you use it, but for me, the hand held vacuum should be a bit smaller, especially thinner so I can better reach those hard to reach places.

Overall I think this is a great vacuum with some amazing features and without the stress of cords. The suction is good and consistent. For only $110.10, I think it’s a bargain which shouldn’t be missed!

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iRobot Roomba 630 Review

630The iRobot Roomba 630 has been reviewed by more than 375 customers on Amazon, averaging a customer rating of 4.60 stars out of 5. It retails for around $350, and is one of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair that you can purchase today.

iRobot Roomba 630 Features

The Roomba 630 runs on a 1.4 amp motor, powering its suction capabilities for cleaning all kinds of dirt and debris. The vacuum boasts an advanced AeroVac three-stage cleaning system – it brushes the wall to loosen dirt, then the counter-rotating brushes pull the dust the debris inside, and then the vacuum transports it all into a large-chamber bin. The 630 features an acoustic sensor to detect dirt, making the three-stage cleaning system possible. The vacuum includes a single virtual wall, so that the 630 knows how much floor to cover, and which rooms to avoid. Once finished, the vacuum’s bin is easily opened, so the dirt and debris can be discarded.

iRobot Roomba 630 Pros

Amazon customers loved the convenience and reliability of the Roomba 630’s automatic features, as well as its ability to get to those hard-to-cover areas, such as under a bed or dresser and in the back corners of a closet. Some reviewers remarked at how well the Roomba picked up dog hair and pet hair, without a fuss, performing nearly as well as a regular vacuum, without much of the manual effort on the user’s end. A lot of customers remarked at how skeptical they first were before using the product, but then how pleasantly surprised they became at how proficient the 630 actually performed. “The Roomba 630 has saved my house from dog hair,” one customer raved.

iRobot Roomba 630 Cons

No matter how well a robot vacuum works, they’re still not going to perform a full-house, deep-cleaning as well as a more traditional vacuum. A few customers wrote that the 630 was not so great on thicket carpets. Another drawback of the Roomba 630 that some Amazon customers remarked upon was that it is quite noisy when in use. A final criticism is that this specific model cannot be “scheduled”, so you will have to be home to turn it on at first.